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STRATEGIC COLLEGE PLANNING - Extensive Study On Financial Aid  by  Thomas     Hudson

STRATEGIC COLLEGE PLANNING - Extensive Study On Financial Aid by Thomas Hudson
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My wife and 2 daughters attended well known universities at no cost to us. I found the source of unlimited funding with the Legacy Format. My wife graduated from a well known university, without a single penny of debt, and was hired before she graduated.

The same holds true with our two daughters.My book has been of assistance to countless persons. The print edition sells at $19.95 and carries a guarantee that if you dont receive an additional $10,000. of free financial aid, then I will refund your purchase price. I have yet to issue a refund since 2004.Im now retired and have the drive to help as many people as I can during these times of ever-increasing economic recession.

I have just completed another self help book entitled Bag of Bucks that is also on Kindle - again to help people in these tough times. Money is NOT my objective. Helping people to receive a quality college/university education without accumulating a massive debt, is my goal with this book. It always has been.WARNING this is NOT an easy book to read. It will require intensive study and is not a simple quick fix to receiving educational funding. You will need to invest time and follow through to achieve the results that we did.

This material will literally save you thousands of dollars and that is the absolute fact.I strongly recommend this book for any parent with students in the Middle School format. The Legacy Format offers virtually unlimited funding to pay for your students degree, HOWEVER you must begin your plan of action early. If your student is now within their Senior Year of high school, in all honesty, my book will offer some money, but your funds will be very limited.For students who are actively seeking to attend college on an ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP, then a strong word of caution is given.

Do NOT commit to ANY institution until you have read this book. You have absolutely no idea as to bottomless pit that an athletic scholarship contains.For prospective readers who maintain an income level of at least $75,000+ per year, then I will state up front that you will not qualify for ANY Federal and/or State Financial Aid.

This is the reason why you MUST read my book. My personal income as a Certified Financial Planner was well into the high 6 figures, as noted in my book, yet my combined educational debt was ZERO. I will give you specific details as to what you must do to accomplish what we did. Advance planning is the key. The fact that you might well save thousands in taxes and preserve your assets from a professional plaintiff, is yet another reason to read my book.The average educational debt facing students today upon graduation is well over $50,000.

and growing. This of course is no surprise to you and that is why you are taking the time to read this preview of my book. Youre looking for some answers. I will again be completely honest with you, in that, if your student is now in their Senior Year of high school, then I have very little to offer you in this book.The Legacy Format that I will give you, has exacting details on how to qualify for unlimited educational funds.

This is beyond profound. All you need to do to qualify is begin your Strategic College Planning as soon as possible in your students educational process. The monies are there, however you must execute your basic plan as early as possible within the educational process.We did and I will give you the FACTS on how you may accomplish the same thing. Graduate with no debt. Find the Legacy Funds because the monies are there - if you know HOW to find them. Simple - straight forward - only the facts.

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