Ropes & Roses R.C. Graham


Published: December 1st 2011


165 pages


Ropes & Roses  by  R.C. Graham

Ropes & Roses by R.C. Graham
December 1st 2011 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 165 pages | ISBN: | 6.73 Mb

3.5 StarsWhipping with roses…I like the symmetry of that.This is a collection of vignettes told from the first person narrative all of which involve BDSM scenes- theres no plot or storyline to be followed-if thats what youre looking for look elsewhere. There is an air of fantasy about them but none are far-fetched or unrealistic. All could conceivably be biographical. The author is able to evoke some stunning visuals in more than one of these tales-roses make more than one appearance.Theres a tip of the hat to Secretary, an irreverent cleric but by & large theyre centered around relatively commonplace encounters.

Theres a fair amount of bondage, public scening, whipping with various instruments: a velvet flogger :P, a riding crop & a yardstick.His writing shows a dry wit, cheekiness, joie de vivre & intelligence. He seriously uses the word tenebrous- however, he does overuse the word avatar. Its refreshing to read the Dom POV- all too often its a female writing as she believes a man would react or feel in any given moment. Reading from a male perspective gave credence to their authenticity probably due to the tangibility inherent within these little encounters- well, that coupled with the ubiquitous mundane details necessitated by each particular scene.

I was surprised by the decidedly romantic tone of each of the tales. All in all it was a good read. Id be interested to see what he could do with an entire book.

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